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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  November 11, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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organize. howard dean presided over the party at a time it did quite well, and the strategy he had was that they needed to compete in all 50
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"all in with chris hayes" starts right now. we'll be monitoring the scene throughout the hour. after adopting a relatively concilia story tone trump last night abandoned that posture to assail the protesters tweeting, just had a very open and successful presidential election. now professional protesters incited by the media are protesting. very unfair. this is the sort of thing we saw a lot during the campaign, but coming from the president-elect of the united states it was a remarkably ominous sentiment. colleagues in media and activism please know this is a warning shot, tweeting new yorker's jelani cobb.
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he was suggesting that the tens of thousands that you've been seeing right now live out on the streets expressing their first amendment right to free speech and peaceful assembly, they're quote professional protesters that are part of a plot and that their presence can be blamed on the media. no less than the man who will soon be the most powerful person in the world assailing both the pregs of freedom of assembly and that constitutionally protected activity. the tweets at the top of the feed for all to see until this morning when he followed up with this, love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud. joining me now filmmaker michael moore whose new film is "michael moore in trumpland. you've been monitoring the protests. they've been quite organic. >> i was in a cab going to a documentary meeting. all the traffic stopped, what's going on? there's a protest out there.
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let me out. i just joined it. that's literally, no memo has gone out to anybody. this is just organically happening and happening all across the country, not just in the big city. it's happening in midsized cities, in nashville and milwaukee last night and i just got photographs from a town that i live in, a small town, of 14,000 people. this was just an hour or so ago. and they've already taken to the streets in traverse city, michigan. if it's happening in traverse city michigan, you know it's going on everywhere. >> i encourage everybody who is listening to tweet your photos, put them on facebook, send them to msnbc. use social media. this is a powerful moment. as soon as chris and i are done
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talking, turn the tv off, hit record, then turn it off and go out. and if it's not happening in your neighborhood, make it happen. call up some friends or neighbors. this will go on all night tonight. >> we've seen a reinvigoration in street protests with the obama administration. the black lives matter movement, some of the direct action that's been done on the environmental front particularly the dapl and dakota access pipeline where there's been a standoff, an incredibly brave showing of nonviolent force. where do you see that going? because it seems to me this is an expression of certain segments of society saying we do not approve of the rhetoric you've used or the plans that are laid out and we don't approve of our fellow citizens is being targeted. how does that build power, to your mind? >> first of all, this is going to grow larger than anything that we've seen in recent memory.
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it's going to grow from last night to tonight, then to tomorrow night and the next night. so phase one right now is just people get up out of the chair, go into the street. be peaceful but be heard. this is -- i've -- i predict this will be a very large thing. it's going to lead to, on inauguration day, over a million people in washington, d.c. there's already a huge call out, some people are calling it the million woman march or if you're a guy, you can say million woman plus one. but it's going to be massive. it's going to be massive. we're going to have to be very active to stop these supreme court nominations, to stop -- to do what we need to do to take over the democratic party and put it in the hands of the people who are the democratic party, the progressives, the people that are the party. that already started today with keith ellison.
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>> we'll talk about that. you have this to-do list here. but before i get to that, one of the things that i think there's this fasten aing political argument being had among all different parts of the ideological spectrum, there's conservatives paleo tns, there's the center progressives, the left, the liberals. it seems to me the way this has been described is resisting or opposing trump and also reaching out to some segment that feels left behind, particularly a subsection of his voters, particularly a subsection of his white working class voters. how do you see those two things intention or parallel? >> i think, first of all, the white working class that mistakenly voted for him and they're going to find out very soon just what an awful decision that was that they made. they're angry, they have a right
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to be angry, but they used him as a means for their revenge against the system. we won't be able to convince them right now. they're going to have to find out he's going to make their lives even worse as a result of electing him. our job right now really is to just not do a whole lot of thinking, don't -- >> i get nervous when someone says that. i really do. >> you don't -- you know this. you don't want to overthink things, right? you must have dated at some point in your life. don't overthink things, chris. you have to be spontaneous. you have to go, yeah, that's right. i've sat here for the last two or three days depressed, upset, how did this happen? how is it that the person who got the most votes is not the president of the united states? >> i can tell you the electoral college of the united states. i can explain it to you. >> we can't change that by next tuesday. but this must not pass.
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we can't keep this going. i'm just encouraging people right now, it's okay to operate on your raw energy and emotion because our voices must be her. look at trump's tweet you just showed. he's talking about just had a great presidential election and now these protesters are out here. very unfair. very unfair. you know that he's rattled already? i mean, this should be the happiest week of his life and he's up, oh! >> it's a remarkable thing. people all across the ideological spectrum were taken aback by the tweet -- >> all protesters be honored by this that already the thin-skinned donald trump. imagine what happens when the crowds double tonight and triple tomorrow night. because that's what's going to happen. >> what about people who say what you are advocating will only raise the temperature and heighten the country that is a polarized and frankly dangerous place? >> no. >> you don't think the country's
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in a dangerous place? >> it's only dangerous because a sociopath who is a racist and misogynist and promoted an agenda of misogyny, that's how he built his core base, then he manipulated the final 20% who are not racist but are just angry at the system and he knew that, and so he says, i'm getting rid of nafta for you, and i'm going to stop those cars being made in mexico and all this and it made it sound like music to their ears. so they were deceived by him. >> you must have trump voters in your life. i don't have them in my personal life. they've all been removed. no, seriously, everybody who is white has trump voters in their extended family. thanksgiving is coming up. okay, so we'll deal with that.
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but, but, but i think i live in michigan, that city you just showed. >> traverse city. >> traverse city. the city itself just went 59% for hillary. for bernie they went 70% in the primary, but the county we live in just voted for trump. >> for trump, yeah. >> and the counties around us that went for obama. >> also went for trump. >> went for trump. so that's a problem. and we've got to reach out to them when it's appropriate. but right now, let me tell you something, the trump machine is already way down the field. they're already planning these nominations, these positions they're going to fill. the first -- >> obamacare repeal, financial deregulation. paul ryan, you talked about -- i want to get to this to-do list next. but i got to say this because you mentioned this, the sort of bait and switch. paul ryan is floating medicare privatization. think about this for a moment. that is a position opposed by
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both major party candidates, opposed by trump and hillary clinton voted for by no one -- >> and he's talking about it as if it's a thing. those first hundred days? how about the first ten days? capitol hill will look like a marx brothers moving where they'll be whipping, who has got a bill, zing. who has a bill? zing. all those in favor, ding. and liberals will be like, whoa, wait a minute. wait, that's not fair. you know? yeah. get the game face on, everybody now. because they are deadly serious about this. and it will be years before we undo the damage of their first ten days. >> so quickly, remember clinton won the popular vote which you mentioned is number five on your list. >> never forget that. >> there are four more.
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take over the democratic party. >> yes, immediately. remove them all. >> fire pundits who won't acknowledge reality. >> i see the desk is mostly empty here tonight. thank you, chris. >> thank you for sparing me your purge. dems in congress who won't fight must go. that's what the tea party did. don't forget. it wasn't go after democrats. it did in terms of it showed up at the town hall. but first thing they did was primary republicans. >> at the spring break for congress, this coming spring, we are town halling these democrats and if they are not standing in front of trump and blocking his nominations to the supreme court, if they are not committed to a filibuster, we're going to put them on notice that we're going to primary them in two years and bring candidates that are going to win. i personally am going to be part of that process to make that happen. >> stop saying you're stunned. >> well, white people say
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they're stunned because, you know, i didn't see this coming. if you're black or hispanic, you know, if you're gay, if you've suffered under the oppressiveness of this system, you are not surprised by donald trump from day one. and when you heard him say on day one that mexicans were rapists and murderers, you knewite right then that there was trouble and there would be hell to pay. >> the train was coming. >> the train was coming. we've got video of atlanta where people are assembling peacefully for protests to express their opposition to the president-elect of the united states donald j. trump. michael moore, thank you for being with me. >> thank you, chris. you know, come on out, too, this weekend. i mean, i know we have to be a journalist and all that, but you're also a citizen of this country. >> i'm a citizen. >> and in a democracy, that means you're an activist. >> up next, the great rachel maddow joins me to talk about the massive conflicts in donald trump's transition team as the
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now that he's actually going to be taking over the white house, donald trump is shifting his team into gear starting with a shake-up at the top. as of today chris christie is out as the transition chair. that job goes to mike pence. instead christie will serve as a vice chair with newt gingrich, rudy giuliani and senator jeff sessions. he rolled out the rest of his team, peter thiel, the libertarian tech billionaire who successfully brought down gawker. and kris kobach, kansas secretary of state who has been behind the drafting of some of the most aggressive anti-immigrant and anti-immigration laws in the country. but by far the most eye catching
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appointments are trump's three oldest children. first of all, the transition team is a government entity complete with a dot-gov website and we have laws in this country about nepotism hiring. on top of that there's the fact that trump's kids are supposed to be taking over the family business in a so-called blind trust, although it's not going to be. set up to avoid conflicts of interest with the white house. according to a trump organization spokesperson, we are in the process of vetting various structures with the goal of immediate transfer of management of the trump organization its portfolio businesses to donald jr. ivanka and eric trump along with a team of highly skilled executives. i wanted to talk to you because we get so much coverage of the clinton foundation which was the story went essentially a slush fund whereby people would donate to curry favor with the secretary of state or the future president of the united states. we're now having a situation in which this business enterprise,
8:18 pm
which has no public disclosures because it's privately held, run by the children of the sitting president, they will choose the people that staff the government like for instance the irs. >> yeah. they're in that incredibly active, you know, kinetic role in terms of deciding who is going to be in the government. also once the transition is over, even if he doesn't give them jobs in the government, the plan is they'll be running, continuing to run his family business empire. the whole idea of a blind trust is that the president is supposed to literally be unable to act using government policy in order to enrich himself or enrich herself because the trust is blind. the president doesn't know what investments he or she has, doesn't know whether or not something that he's doing in the u.s. government will enrich him. in this case it's not like people think he won't speak to his children and he'll be in a position to advice them, to change things about the
8:19 pm
company's plans in order to account for information that highway has specifically because he's president and there's no way that any of us will ever know that. it is a brick wall of a conflict of interest even after this transition. >> and just to play this out a little bit more, right, a company that's seeking regulatory favors from the trump administration could offer ivanka a discount equity stake for the trump portfolio and there's no disclosure -- i mean, that's an entirely feasible thing that could happen in the united states starting january 20th. >> and how would we know? how would we know when that is happening? we have no transparency here other than what the president will choose to disclose and i can't imagine he's going to disclose anything if he's calling this a blind trust, for example. the thing that is stunning to me about this is that this evolves
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directly from his refusal to release his tax returns. >> which he got away with. >> he got away with it. everybody said that wasn't a law. that's just a norm in our politics. and i guess that norm is broken now. i can see why you wouldn't want to disclose his tax returns. it's an invasion of his financial privacy and all that stuff. but then once your president, are you still not going to release your tax returns? will you still not tell us about your financial entanglements? we're worried that you're going to use the power of the united states to enrich yourself and in fact on day one they already did. because on his first dot-gov web presence, he's listing his trump properties. he's listing literally the name of his wife's qvc shopping channel jewelry line on his dot-gov website. they're already using the resources of the government to enrich themselves while still not disclosing any of their other financial ties. it's mind boggling. >> this segues into the role of the media in all this. because this is going to require
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a level of sustained not just reporting but pressure, frankly, for the public to know the things they have a right to know. in some ways they tried to get the tax returns, but they didn't. what do you -- how are you conceiving of the role of a free and independent press as walks into this totally uncharted territory? >> yeah. i mean, part of the thing that i'm preoccupied by and that i think a lot of people are preoccupied by is his overt threats to press freedom. we see that in a personal way in a way that he turned it into one of the highlights of his rallies that people at his events should turn around and menace reporters in their midst and calling out individual reporters and mocking individual reporters. we saw it with the black list. we saw it with his refusal to have a press pool traveling with him even now that he's the president-elect still refusing to do that. but the other thing is he's
8:22 pm
called for british-style libel laws in this country which is a way in other countries that don't have a first amendment, they bankrupt reporters, they put publications out of business. they can keep people in fear of reporting on public officials in a way that you previously haven't been able to do in this country. so to bring on peter thiel, this billionaire who is most famous in american life not for the source of his wealth but because he used it to bankrupt and put out of business an online web source that he didn't like because of the way they reported on him, all of those things together, i think it's a reasonable distraction for the press to have right now in terms of how the press will play defense in terms of its own role. in terms of our stance toward trump, one of the things that will be hard is just maintaining the level of newsiness, right? >> right. >> of outrage and continuing rejection of stuff that isn't okay, although he's been doing it for a long time by the time we get around to reporting.
8:23 pm
>> i found out talking with you last night and you were on air with that great, fascinating, elizabeth warren interview, when he tweeted, just had a very open and successful presidential election now professional protesters incited by the media are prosting. very unfair. i was on air earlier showing protests. because we've covered protests. we've covered all sorts of protests over the years. that's aimed at me. that's a warning shot of the president-elect of the united states to folks who are doing their constitutionally protected and in fact civically sacred duty of reporting and free expression. i just wondered how you reacted to that? >> it is -- first of all, to call them professional protesters implies that they're being paid. so he's alleging a conspiracy. he's looking at those people in the street and alleging that he's a paid conspiracy of elites against him.
8:24 pm
it's a very short bridge from that for him to be then telling his supporters this is a paid conspiracy in the streets. that's against the american people because you chose me as your leader. this is some sort of fifth column within the country. when you look at other countries and the way that they respond to dissent, and how they characterize what it means to protest against them as a threat that other citizens must respond to or they ask for their own supporters to get into the street and wage battles with them, it starts with characterizing protests as the product of a conspiracy. it's the way it happens. it usually happens in other languages. we're not used to it happening in this country. but that's a strongman style response to dissent the world over. he's already as of last night already taken the first step town that road in the way they all do it. and they all do it the same way. i just feel a lot of international echoes.
8:25 pm
i worry mostly about donald trump, not about whether or not he's going to be able to pull off the things he's threatened to do. the thing i worry about the most, is how he'll behave the first time he doesn't get what he wants, the first time he tried to do something and he can't do it. what's he do when he's mad? he hasn't done well when he's angry or stymied in his time as a politician. >> it makes the job of reporters i think in this era -- and not to sound grandiose, but i think it's the most important it's been in the american republic and i don't think that's a crazy hyperbolic thing to say. >> chris, saying it that way, but there's also a real threat. we've seen over the course of our time in journalism and our time in tv, we've seen the strain on local papers, local reporters, beat reporters, to,
8:26 pm
people working as anchors at local tv stations are getting paid $19,000 a year and working at three other jobs. we talked to two other papers who broke the bridgegate scandal and the political component of the bridgegate scandal. we saw both of those news desks get gutted by their parent company because the biz model isn't there. there's such pressure on those just having jobs doing this. and if we're going to become convenient political targets in the way that trump is already signaling, we're going to have to have a defensive strategy in mind and the country is going to have to decide in a broader way how we're going to protect journalism in the same way we all are thinking about how we're going to protect muslim americans and these kids that came out and let themselves be known as undocumented dreamers because of president obama's proposal who are now under deportation by donald trump and he said on day one. we've got specific things that were threatened in new ways that
8:27 pm
weren't necessarily and we need a national defense for those if those communities really need us. >> that's extremely well put. rachel maddow, my good, good friend, my comrade, my buddy. >> chris, will you come on my show on monday? >> yes, let's keep doing this. >> will do. thanks, my friend. >> still to come, the next fight for democrats, finding a leader for a party in crisis.
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the campaign of hillary clinton has conducted its initial postmortem on why they lost the election. perhaps not surprisingly they are focused more on external factors than internal strategic mistakes they may have made. but there is an extremely strong case to be made that fbi director james comey's letter to congress played a decisive role. in an e-mail the clinton campaign senior staff ahead of clinton's opinion writes we
8:29 pm
believe we lost this election in the last week, comey's letter in the last 11 days helped depress our turnout and drove away some of the critical support from college educated white voters particularly in the suburbs. his second letter intended to absolve hillary clinton actually helped to bowleser trump's turnout. exit polls indicate that voters who decided who they were voting for more than a week before the election supported clinton. voters who decided in the last week broke for trump by a larger margin. these numbers were even more exaggerated in the key battleground states. when you lose an election effectively by 110,000 votes across three states you can point to 10,000 things that were decisive. but it's hard not to focus on the last shot. and the last shot in this election came from james comey. now that's happened and in the past so for democrats trying to figure out where they can go
8:30 pm
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the search is on for the next leader of the democratic party with an interim chair currently headingp the dnc democrats are lining up to run for that job howard dean says he wants a second tenure. saying the dems need organization and focus on the young. need a 50 state strategy and tech rehab. i'm in for chairman again.
8:34 pm
another former governor martin o'malley has thrown his name in. but there's a third person whose name keeps coming up. congressman keith ellison from minnesota. one of only two muslims in congress and an african-american who represents a district that is more than 65% white. ellison, a member of the party's progressive and populist wing one of only a handful of democratic members of congress to endorse bernie sanders during the primary says he'll make an announcement monday about whether he'll be an official candidate. he has the backing of bernie sanders and somewhat surprisingly, the backing of chuck schumer who is set to become the minority leader in the senate. joining me another democrat who ran for congress and progressive in the mold of bernie sanders and lost on tuesday. good to have you here. >> great the be on. >> so you're in a district, you're a sanders person -- >> yep. >> -- you fought an new jersey -- >> the governor. >> the governor, right.
8:35 pm
then you ran in this race. >> yes. >> you were endorsed by bernie sanders. >> i'm an fdr democrat. >> you're an fdr democrat. >> we've got hyde park in our district. i actually think it's a time for a return to some fdr democratic principles. one of the thins that is so relevant right now, fdr, this is a sitting president, said that we had to take on these princes who want to take over our politics and that we had to wake up to economic and political tyranny. and fdr said just as the minutemen fought political tyranny, we have to fight economic tyranny. i think we need a little more of that spirit in our democratic party. a willingness to take on the princes of wall street. a willingness to take on the elite financiers and say, no, we're standing up for working men and women. >> here's my question for you. your district was one of these classic districts that we're now studying, right? it was six point --
8:36 pm
>> obama won by six points four years ago. it looks like the numbers will shake out but looks like trump won by ten or more points. >> that's an enormous swing. >> yeah, yeah. >> did you see it on the ground when you were campaigning? did you feel the wave coming? >> you could. the anger was everywhere. so again, like democrats didn't necessarily turn out and then surprising people turned out. but the big thing that i felt is this incredible anger at elites, at wall street, at the establishment, you know, people who harry saying, wait, it's not getting better for us. don't tell us it's getting better for us because it's not getting better for us. where are our jobs? where are our union jobs? one of the things that democrats have to do is be fighting for unions not just in election years but all the time. >> do you feel -- your district is a largely white district majority white. not like a big urban -- >> like 90%. >> 90% white. there's a question about how
8:37 pm
racialized this all was. a lot of people looking at trump and they're seeing a guy had has said these explicitly bigoted things about all these different groups and they're scratching their head that white people voted for him. >> you're going to hear all kinds of different reasons. you were just saying there's 25 different reasons for every loss. >> yeah. >> and 25 reasons for every win. but i'll tell you when i talked to people around our district, the anger i felt was more an anger about real basic things like water and job. >> water? >> water's a big issue in the hudson valley and people wanting to protect wer. then flint, we have our own flint in husic falls. and just not being able to trust that you can turn on the water. i guess it would say a deep lack of trust that political elites were really paying attention. >> so then my question to you -- and i know this is a hard thing to ask because you just ran a race and you lost and it doesn't
8:38 pm
feel good to lose, but in some ways there's this theory that's emerging that the sanders' message is the message to win back those folks. economic populism, what you're talking about, you ran on that message in that district and it didn't work. >> look, every race down ballot is different. we did slightly outperform top of the ticket. >> you did. >> but honestly in my own race, the other thing that was at play and this is really important and i think has been hidden. >> completely, yes. >> in the trump story is the dark money that came out. the dark money that came into congressional races. so we're six years in to citizens united land. and i felt like i was living in citizens united land. i was theoretically running against john faso my opponent. but i was running against super pac money. more than my opponent ever raised. >> it just flooded in. >> it just flooded in. two guys mark singer and robert mercer who spent well over
8:39 pm
500,000 in my race. and his pac was putting in $50,000 on the last day. that that's happening in my district, that's happening all around the country. >> we need to do a dark money postmortem because you're right that the top of the ticket because the money was so unique there, people lost sight of what happened down ballot. >> but it's part of the anger. >> zephyr teachout, thank you for joining us. still to come, my interview with gold star father khizr khan on this veterans day. plus an important thing 1, thing 2, seriously.
8:40 pm
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thing 1 tonight, a major storyline of this election is the fog of disinformation that blatantly false reports on push by bogus web sites posing as news organizations that flooded
8:43 pm
social media and especially facebook. now "all in" noticed a prime example of that this week, a facebook comment citing a supposed hillary clinton e-mail with a screen shot of that alleged e-mail which read under the headline what makes for successful immigration. and i'm going to quote, some groups of people are almost always highly successful given only half a chance, jews, hindu sikhs and chinese people, for example, while others, muslims, blacks and roma, for instance, fare badly almost irrespective of circumstances. the biggest group of humanity can be found somewhere between those two extremes, the perennial overachievers and the professionals never-do-wells. that's a real e-mail in the hacked john podesta e-mails hacked by wikileaks. means makig tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast,
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so we looked into the claim that hillary clinton wrote an e-mail that called african-americans never-do-wells and suggesting they could not assimilate. that language does appear in the john podesta e-mail dump hack by wikileaks. if you read that e-mail you notice it was not sent by john podesta, it was sent to him along with 20 other recipients from an account called orca 100 apparently based in the netherlands. it's spam, a racist alt-right spam e-mail that was sent to podesta as well as a dozen reporters that were also recipients. i get these at times from people. several bogus news sites and alt-right outlets took it and ran posts reading things like this, wikileaks bombshell, hillary's racist remarks about blacks. think about that. podesta receives a piece of spam mail and through the weaponized use of disinformation online
8:46 pm
voters were led to believe that podesta or even hillary clinton herself wrote it. this is most destructive and successful act of criminal political sabotage committed against one campaign probably in the history of this country. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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in the wake of donald trump's victory we've seen a flood of statements from president obama to democrats that are fairly conciliatory pledging to oppose rhetoric in all form. harry reid was having none of that. he was acknowledging the terror that many are feeling and noticing that it has enforced the bigotry and hate in america. we as a nation must find a way to move forward without consigning those who trump has threatened to the shadows. every news piece that breathlessly obsesses over inauguration preparations
8:49 pm
compounds their fear bay normalizing a man who has threatened to tear their families apart, bragged about sexually assaulting women and intimidates reporters and we must refuse to let it fail through the cracks between the fluff pieces. we must first put the responsibility for healing where it belongs at the feet of donald trump a sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fueled his campaign with bigotry anha. winning the electoral college does not absolve trump of the grave since he has committed against americans. donald trump may not possess the capacity to assuage those fears but he owes it to this nation to try. if trump wants to roll back the side tide of hate he unleashed he must begin immediately. when a moment turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom?
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president obama called for unity at arlington in honor of this veterans day. it will be president donald trump honoring veterans day. a man who mocked p.o.w.s and attacked the family of a fallen soldier. joining me is the father of that soldier, khizr khan. thank you for your time tonight. i want to start by asking your feelings having watched this man who did attack your family and sort of cast aspersions on your faith, frankly, be elected to serve as president and commander of chief of men and women like your son? >> chris, before i answer your
8:54 pm
question, first, i want to pay tribute to all gold star families and all brave men and women that have sacrificed in defense of this country values of this country, democracy of this country and all men and women of our armed forces, we extend our sincere thanks for standing up to the values of this country. i want to add briefly that whenever we go to pay our respect and visit to captain humayun khan, alongside in the same section of arlington cemetery where there are other brave soldiers but there are four other muslim soldiers that are buried that were killed in iraq or afghanistan and their names are major thomas heron, specialist rasheed khan, sergeant amman taha, sergeant amon and humayun khan. these are brave soldiers buried in second 60.
8:55 pm
my very sincere and my really humble request to this president-elect is that he must, he must take first step towards the reconciliation. my journey continues to speak about the values of this country, the constitution of this country. we are told after watching this candidate, after watching this president-elect for a year and a half of his bigotry, of his statements of demeaning women, his statements of misogyny, his statement -- racial statements towards muslims and other ethnicities, we are told on wednesday by our leadership that we must come together and we
8:56 pm
must accept him as our leader. wait a minute. it does not work that way. for a successful candidate, it is his obligation to address the concern of all americans, not only just those who have voted for him. and i want to remind mr. trump that you have not gotten the majority of popular vote. those votes are still concerned on the streets and the number of those votes is growing on the streets, their concerns must be addressed for he may have won the electoral college but he must win the respect of everyone and respect is not given by demand. respect is earned. and that is his first step, yet it has been three days that we have not heard anything of
8:57 pm
reconciliation, anything of lead ing for america forward. all we've heard is blaming our fourth pillar of democracy, which is press, that somehow these protests are incited by media. this practice must come to an end if this president-elect wishes to have -- move our country forward, wishes to have a government that will move our country forward. my mission, my journey continues throughout into next year and that journey is of reconciliation, of healing, of moving forward, but from the successful candidate we have not heard. so i would urge him. i hate to continue to give him lessons in civics, but somebody has to speak on behalf of all these folks that are standing on the streets. these folks are scared because of his statements and his policies, and he has not
8:58 pm
extended hand of courtesy, has not extended hand of affection, hand of reconciliation. a decent winner would do that at the very first day that now that i have been elected your president, i am prepared but he has not done that. >> mr. khan, there have been reports, some are anecdotal, but some have police reports attached to them, of acts of bigotry committed by american citizens towards other american citizens whether they're african-american or muslim americans. you know, under the name of president-elect trump. do you feel -- how do you feel as a muslim american in your community among friends, people you worship with, do people feel like they're targets right now? >> every child, every thoughtful
8:59 pm
muslim is concerned not only muslim is concerned, but latino americans are concerned, other minorities are concerned. and these incidents reported in the media with pictures, with photos, with videos, they're carrying trump's banners, they're wearing trump's hats. they're wearing trump t-shirts. that is an obligation of this newly elected candidate that has become our -- that will become our president, that he owes this to communities, to minorities, these are patriot americans. >> to come out and -- >> he owes them. >> -- and condemn and extend the hand of reconciliation. >> that is -- that should have been done. where are his surrogates? where are his advisers? why aren't they telling him? it's this protest, these
9:00 pm
protests may expand and it may get difficult to contain afterwards. >> mr. khan, thank you so much for your time tonight. i really appreciate it. thank you again for your son's service on this veterans day and for the service of all like him. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> that is "all in" for this evening. the rachel maddow show starts right now. good evening, rachel. >> thank you, my friend, chris, have a good weekend. thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. thou shalt not lie while you are applying to get married. for one thing it's just bad juju, you should be more worried and superstitious about that kind of thing when you are starting off the process. don't start it off by lying. that's just common superstitious sense. in indiana it's also a very stern part of the law. i don't know what happened in indiana in the late 1990s to make them worry so much about people lying on their marriage licenses, but they did. and in 1997 indiana passed a law


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